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I just got access to Google’s new MusicLM and…


No exaggeration when I say this will change the music industry. Thanks for the HT.

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It's time again for a beloved tradition that warms the heart of a grateful nation: The annual posting of A Very Chagrin Falls Thanksgiving.

@katymontgomerie I think local is all the users on your particular instance, and federated is everyone you follow plus anyone they boost.

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You can take the spoiled, chaos-junkie oligarch out of the apartheid mining family, but you can’t, etc.

@grumpygamer It's interesting how many people are saying "just copy and paste their full username..." without questioning why the app can't do this for you automatically if you aren't on the same server.

Isn't doing stuff automatically why we have computers in the first place?

@gossithedog If Musk's stupidity could be distilled it would likely be the most potent and dangerous substance known to humankind.

An empty timeline is a very sad thing, so here are some words.


A Mastodon server for me.